The Success Center offers something for everyone! Don’t just take our word for it – take theirs.


 Darlene Watts, Resident Leader

Darlene has lived at Carriage House East (CHE) for three years, and in that time, she has come to love her community. “At CHE, everybody has a heart for the residents.  We’re not just a part of their job – CHE has a heartbeat,” she says. Darlene volunteers her time at the center to help connect her fellow residents, holding multiple registration drives and encouraging people to vote. Darlene says, “The center isn’t just a place for handouts, if you connect yourself, you’ll go beyond where you are right now – that’s why it’s called the Success Center!”

Banika “Nikki” Goodall, Resident Leader

Before the pandemic started, you could find Nikki regularly serving the weekly community meal at the Success Center.  Rain or shine, Nikki showed up every week to serve up to 60 CHE families a hot meal. When she’s not serving dinner, you can find her scrubbing down the tables, doing dishes, or volunteering in the center’s food and clothing pantries. Nikki is a regular face at the center – and her service is much appreciated by the staff and residents. “There’s good stuff to do here,” Nikki says. She encourages her fellow CHE residents to “Come out! See what it’s all about!”

Chelena Clay

Chelena has lived at CHE for over 8 years and excitedly watched the building and development of the Success Center. Now, she attends community meal, and participates in the center’s art & craft programs. Chelena’s children also participate in youth development programs, where she knows they’re learning, safe and having fun. Chelena’s favorite part about living at CHE is “the staff helps people.  They think about the residents and put them first!”

Paula Barrett, Resident Leader

Paula has lived at CHE for 7 years and says CHE is “more like a family than an apartment complex.” Paula leads a sewing class, participates in senior programming, and chairs the community K-8 taskforce, focused on making sure every child on the Far Eastside has access to quality education.“The Success Center helped take care of everything through the pandemic,” she says. Paula encourages her fellow residents to take advantage of the programs being offered at the center. “Find out what you can get involved in. The social networking is good and there are programs to meet everyone’s needs.”


Corey Wilson

Corey moved into CHE about 2 years ago. He appreciates the resources the center offers that help his family, particularly the food pantry and youth development programs. “The center has great programming and activities for kids,” he says. “The staff are great, and everyone seems happy to serve.”